Cyclone Debbie

It is hard to think that Cyclone Debbie has landed in far North Queensland and here we are 1000 kms south and the waters are perfect.

I am sure many of you have family and friends who are currently in the eye of the Cyclone or who will be in a matter of hours. It is truly worrying.

I was awake a lot last night checking my social media and watching the videos that people in FNQ had uploaded of the sheer ferocity of the wind. My eyes are a bit blurry this morning however it is reminding me so much of the anxiety that I felt watching the floods come into Brisbane in 2011. I cannot imagine how the families and the tourists are coping with this at the.

Whoever thought of buying kids ear muffs in order to ease the noise and their anxiety is a mastermind. My boy would have been driven to a panicked mess if he had to listen to that noise (which I have been told is like an air plane sitting next to your house).

I heard on the TV this morning that horse owners had written their mobile phone numbers on the sides of their horses in order to ensure that they could get them back as quickly as possible. #genius


Living as a virtual cashless society must have caught a few people out (especially the tourists). I expect that the locals would have drained the banks of their cash reserves. Let’s face it if the areas does not have any electricity then the EFTPOS & ATM machines are not going to work. Cash will be king up there for a few days.

Anyway what started out as a little blog about the local water and how perfect it looked this morning has turned into a post about anxiety, cyclone hacks and challenges that the FNQ residents will have in front of them once this passes.

Good luck everyone in FNQ we are thinking of you and we share your pain.


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