Accommodating the visitors of the 2018 Commonwealth Games

As you are probably already aware the Gold Coast in Queensland is due to host the 2018 Commonwealth Games in April 2018 and with that will come visitors!

From what I can see the Gold Coast and Brisbane are set to have their own win by renting out their spare bedrooms and homes during this time.

If you have not already taken advantage of this influx of visitors I highly recommend that you investigate it further. It could be advantageous for you and your family to take a few weeks holiday and let you property out for the short term to these visitors. Alternatively if you have a spare bedroom why not consider renting it out for the short term?

We can see that the number of local listings on Airbnb grew by 35 per cent in the past 6 months and Airbnb are expecting more to sign up the closer it gets to the games.

We already know that many of the hotel rooms have already sold out more than 12 months ahead of the Games. Wotif is reporting 95 per cent occupancy over the 11-day even next April. Not to mention to budget caravan and camping spots, they are nearly already taken up as well.

If you are based in Brisbane or the Gold Coast (or anywhere in between) and you are considering leaving the GC during the Commonwealth Games in 2018 then please contact me.




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